COVID Assistant & Relief

The OHF supports multiple local and international organization and have been sending aid to those impacted negatively by COVID-19. For more information on how to contact us click here.

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Covid Relief

OHF Committee Members Oje Hart with cousin Jordan Xavier collect Covid-19 Relief PPE for distribution to those most in-need. While Athena Hart delivers food supplies to families in-need.

Great Job Next Generation!

The OHF Committee is working hard to distribute PPE to those most in-need. Thank you for your continued support - let's fill the Jeep with PPE!

OHF's Next Generation Gets PPE For Most In-Need!

Thanks to OHF’s Jordan Xavier for collecting much needed PPE for those most vulnerable and special thanks to helpful friend Lydia Liang – a frontline head nurse at Rockyview Hospital Unit 94 who works directly with Covid-19 patients