Bully’s Bulldog Magazine is owned and operated by the OHF’s Hart family, and we give all proceeds to animal and environmental conservation.

Bully’s is the first magazine exclusively about Bulldogs and Molossiers. It contains technical and factual articles, and covers many other interesting topics for dog lovers including: features with celebrities, interviews with well-known dog trainers and their helpful tips, presentations of the different types of Bulldog and Molosser breeds, personal dog stories of readers, updates, and the latest findings in health, medicine, and naturalistic treatment, diet and nutritional information, animal humanitarianism endeavors, plus cartoons, comics and much more. Bully’s is published quarterly with online subscriptions available.

Bulldog Magazine - Fall 2022
4 issues per year $9.25 per issue

In this fall 2022 issue of Bully’s magazine, we cover a variety of topics related to taking care of your dog during the fall season, with articles offering advice related to your dog’s mental health, how to recognize if your dog is experiencing bloating, the prospect of owning two or more dogs, and the potential benefits for your dog associated with getting another dog companion. We also offer an update about the adventures of Bean Hart, the much-loved Bully of this magazine’s covers. We also offer advice related to smelly dogs, how to best foster fur babies, and safety information related to your dog drinking from rainwater. Finally, we provide a story and photos from Dr. Hart’s recent trip to Paris, including the opportunity to meet French bulldogs.

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