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OHF's May Long-Weekend Sylvan Lake Food Drive 2021 Huge Success!


Despite the rainy weather Sylvan Lake Residents showed up big time for our 2nd Annual OHF May Long Weekend SL Food Bank Drive. Well done Sylvan Lake and a great job done by our OHF Committee Members Oje Hart, Virginia Xavier, Darcy Anderson, Pina Lamb, and Jared Blanchard who joined OHF's Dr. Hart braving the dreary weather in collecting food/fund donations from many generous donors and buying groceries for this fabulous event! Thank you so much to everyone who supported this amazing event that continues to grow, and special thanks to Janet Griffith of the Sylvan Lake Food Bank and her staff for all the great work they do helping those in-need! Bless.



OHF Triumphant May Long-Weekend Sylvan Lake Food Bank Drive!


The OHF collected tons of much need food for the Sylvan Lake Food Bank over a two day haul with a $1000 in cash donations too! Well done and thank you so much to all of our fabulous Sylvan Lake neighbors for all of their generous donations! What a fantastic community effort! Thanks also to our amazing OHF Committee Members Darcy, Kelly, Jared (owners of TRAPPED Escape Room - Proud Sponsors of the OHF), Deanna, Pina, and Oje Hart, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Pat Garrity whose Trilliant Real Estate Group partnered with the OHF for this great cause. Special thanks to Sylvan Lake Food Bank workers Sherry and her lovely daughter as well as staffer Janet for making special arrangements for donation drop offs. All done while practicing social distancing! Bless.

OHF Sylvan Lake May Long-Weekend Food Drive A Big Success & Still Collecting!


???The OHF is thrilled at the amazing success of their OHF food drive for the Sylvan Lake Food Bank. Thanks to everyone for your incredible generosity that's continuing to flow into the OHF! Donations to the OHF for this May Long-Weekend Event will go to the Sylvan Lake Food Bank. Special thanks to our OHF Committee Members Darcy, Kelly and Oje for helping collect food items as well as Mr. & Mrs. Pat Garritty and their Trilliant Real Estate Group for partnering with the OHF for this great cause. Stay tuned for more updates and food bank deliveries with valued OHF Committee members Pina, Deanna...! Thank you to all our fabulous Sylvan Lake neighbors, Marie, Dr. Hart's amazing elementary science school teacher from Col. Walker School Mr. Bandurk who taught Dr. Hart grade 6 science, the Davidson's, Sue and George, Mr. Snow, former SL Mayor Susan, Harbormaster Cliff, and so many more wonderful neighbors. Bless you all of so much and thanks for practicing social distancing throughout this event!