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Excitement prior awards night celebration from Japan & New York Misaki Matsui (KASUMI), Jury board member Eun-ah Lee, Junichi Kajioka (TAKING STOCK), from Poland Lukasz Nyks, Jury member Martha Hart from Canada


Photo-call prior awards celebration with Jury President

Elika Portnoy, Jury Members Martha Hart, Eun-ah Lee,

Dean Bentley and Jacqueline Lestrade (Monaco Press)



Getting ready for the awards ...


Rosana Golden, Dean Bentley, and Jury Members Tara Emerson, Dr. Martha Hart, Elham Madani and the Winners of movie Getting Meisnered with US host and movie critic David Sheehan holding the Angel


Dr. Martha Hart, Dean Bentley, Elika Portnoy. Eun-ah Lee








The 13th Angel Film Awards - part of the Monaco International Film Festival ??? announced their winners at a gala reception on Sunday December 7th


Irish award winning writer Donal Nugent his first feature film NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD picked up the coveted ANGEL TROPHY AWARD for best feature film. Nugent won Best Director and picked up 2 more awards for his cast, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress.


UK comedy TAKING STOCK starring Kelly Brook, and Junichi Kajioka scooped 4 awards.


UK/US drama THE DOO DAH MAN won 2 awards included Best Actor Glenn Morshower and Best Editing.


The Angel Peace Award was awarded to THE GREAT GREEN WALL (AFRICA FOR AFRICA) (Poland)


Winner Best Short Film LOVE IS BLIND (l???AMOUR REND A VEUGLE) France scooped 4 awards ??? directed by American/French actress Sabine Crossen she won Best Director, Eliza Calmat won Best Actress.


UK short fantasy romance BIRTHCLOUD scooped 4 awards. And another UK drama short THE VOICE IN THE HEAD based (on a story by Eckhart Tolle) won Best British Newcomer Charlotte Luxford, Best script by Cyrus Trafford.


US short GETTING MEISNERED directed by Kellyann Chippendale wins 3 awards for Sanford Meisner World Premiere in Monaco.


Spain/US short drama COMING TO TERMS won 2 awards ??? Best Production Design, Best Cinematography. UK comedy short ROUTE CANAL ??? Joe Ferrera won Best Actor. Best Original Story awarded to KASUMI (Japan). Best Arthouse Film PLASTIC FINGERS (UK). The Special Mention Award went to Actors Love (Switzerland) & WAIT FOR YOU NO MORE (Japan)


The all woman Jury was led by Elika Portnoy (Exec producer, Beasts of No Nation), Canadian author Dr. Martha Hart, US actress Tara Emerson, South Korean Cinematographer Eun ???ah Lee and Iranian filmmaker Elham Madani.


2015 Lifetime Achievement Award A standing ovation for the acclaimed broadcaster, film critic, interviewer, host and reporter DAVID SHEEHAN in recognition of his pioneering idea to bring entertainment reporting to the news, and his 44 year career crusade against violence on screen.


For a full breakdown of awards, visit Angel Film Awards www.angelfilmawards.org