We provide opportunities for
hard-working people who have limited resources and unlimited potential.

Special Projects

The Owen Hart Foundation partners with many other worthwhile causes
locally & around the world.


The Owen Hart Memorial Fund

The Owen Hart Memorial Fund continues to support the
Donations at Work program. Learn more...


Thanks to the amazing support we’ve received, The Owen Hart Foundation helped raise a significant portion of the $200,000 needed to rebuilding the Sylvan Lake Lighthouse –
a landmark and the only lighthouse in Alberta – modeled after Canada’s most famous  lighthouse, the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Thanks to all!!

We have been partnering with Dr. Martha Hart and her foundation, The Owen Hart Foundation, for the past several years to help less fortunate children around the world. This partnership has included providing aid in supplies, support and manpower to build stable orphanages and schools, and deliver medicine and healing methods that would otherwise be unavailable. The 76 schools and orphanages comprise of about 10,500 children that we have adopted for their care and nurturing. We have also been helping countries hit with natural disasters and those that are war-torn. Our partnership with people like Dr. Martha Hart have helped the society to help over 100,000 children over the life of the society. We look forward to this continued association and friendship with Dr. Hart & The Owen Hart Foundation to further help children in the future who cannot fend for themselves.

Ashid Bahl, President
For the Love of Children Society

For the Love of Children Society


Oje & friends on our recent
trip to Peru in support of the
For the Love of Children Society.

Martha with Felix & Brasida.

Oje & Martha with Ashid Bahl & his staffer Maria at the Ashid Bahl School in Cusco Peru.

Ashid Bahl with Students and Teachers at the Moreso School in Masai Mara, Kenya, East-Africa
- a school the Owen Hart Foundation helped build.

Ashid Bahl (2013 Angel Award Winner for Best Film – 'For The Love of Children'), British journalist Cindi Jackson and Dr. Martha Hart at the Angel Film Awards, Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2013

Roland Joffé (two time
Oscar Award nominated director – 'The Killing Fields' & 'The Mission'), Nella Bahl (sister of Ashid Bahl), Rosana Golden (founder & coordinator of the Angel Awards Film Festival), Ashid Bahl, Zoi Florosz (New York based singer & dancer) and Dr. Martha Hart.

Celebration for two amazing well deserved awards - Ashid Bahl holding his Angel Trophy with his crew and friends!
Ron A. McNeill & Georgie Lyons (singers/song writers), Dr. Martha Hart, Ashid Bahl & his sister Neela Bahl.

Rebuilding after the Nepal earthquake

Martha and son Oje Hart visited the schools the OHF supports in Nepal thru our partnership with For the Love of Children’s Society, as well as the homes in Nepal we raised money to rebuild after the earthquake last year.

Visiting the old city of Kathmandu Nepal
hit hard by last year’s Earthquake



Oje Hart, son of Dr. Martha Hart of the OHF with
Ashid Bahl founder of the For the Love of Children’s Society assessing the damage caused by the recent Earthquake
in the old city of Kathmandu Nepal.

Rebuilding after the Earthquake with the hazey Himalyan Mountains in the background including Mount Everest.



Visiting village families and homes in the high regions of Nepal that the Owen Hart Foundation helped rebuild after homes were destroyed by the earthquakes of 2015, with partner Ashid Bahl founder of the For the Love of Children’s Society.


A Nepalese boy plays with a make-shift toy he made out of a plastic bottle. He was happy to receive supplies from the OHF and FTLOCS.

Dr. Martha Hart & daughter Athena Hart holding the OHF school plaque for the Gumpa Centre School in Nepal.


Dr. Martha Hart warmly greeted by young Buddhist student at the Gumpa Centre School


Oje Hart giving supplies to the Buddhist students at the Gumpa Centre School.

Martha teaching the young Buddhist children to floss their teeth at the Gumpa Centre School.

The OHF and the FTLOCS visiting a make-shift temporary school in Nepal built of flimsy bamboo walls. The original proper school was severely damaged by the earthquakes of 2015 and deemed unsafe. The FTLOCS and the OHF are aiding in the rebuilding of the original school.


Oje Hart giving the children school supplies and Canadian pins.



Ashid praying with
the Lama at the
Gumpa Centre School.

Some members of our team (Rup, Oje, Martha, & Ashid) at the Gumpa Centre School in Kathmandu.

Martha and Oje of the OHF visiting the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu to say prayers for the Earthquake victims of Nepal - with the signature Prayer Flags in the background. Bless.























A beautiful toddler girl in Nepal thanks and blesses us for giving her supplies. Namaste.


Martha and Oje Hart continue their philanthropic trip with a visit to India.

Visiting the slums of Mumbai.


The OHF helping families in need – providing supplies, food, toys and funds.


Visiting one of the many schools Ashid Bahl operates in India and one of whom the OHF supports.


Oje Hart of the OHF is welcomed by the teachers and students of the school who dressed him in their traditional Hindi garb.


We enjoyed very warm greetings everywhere we went as all appreciated our help so much.


We enjoyed very warm greetings everywhere we went as all appreciated our help so much.

Dr. Martha Hart marked with a bindi (the traditional Hindu red dot) by the school children.

Dr. Hart with a group of school children in India visiting a military muesum.


Dr. Hart visiting the very brave students at the Blind/Deaf/Dumb school outside of Mumbia that the OHF helps support via its partnership with FTLOCS.


We enjoyed very warm greetings everywhere we went as all appreciated our help so much.

Martha and Oje of the OHF wrapping up a successful philanthropic trip to India
(and Nepal) with a visit to Taj Mahal in Agra India.

Sitting on the famous Lady Diana Bench.


The Owen Hart Memorial Fund

Imagine dealing with the stress of your child being in hospital and on top of that worrying about being able to afford your most basic needs.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for some families at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Created as a lasting legacy, the Owen Hart Memorial Fund was established at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation in 1999. This Fund is used to assist families who are facing financial challenges while their child is in Hospital such as bus and taxi costs, parking expenses, and meal vouchers for the hospital cafeteria. The special Fund allows our hospital’s social work team to respond to immediate needs. No family is turned away. Learn more.

Two Champions of Literacy & Education

Dr. Martha Hart with Former 1st Lady of the United States Barbara Bush at a CBE Event


Dr. Martha Hart with Economist Jeff Rubin & Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine in support of a Community Kitchen Program Calgary Event

Grief Counseling Office
at the Rockyview Hospital

Another project funded by Martha Hart was the building of an additional grief counseling office at the Rockyview Hospital in Calgary, to aid and support other individuals experiencing grief and in need of grief counseling support.


Proceeds from The Owen Hart Foundation's annual events (2000-2003) helped support the Youville Recovery Residence for Women. Learn more about the Residence.

A Partners Story

The Coughlin Memorial Golf Tournament is an example of the type of partnership The Owen Hart Foundation wishes to establish. This tournament was established to memorialize Colleen Gray's brother Steve, his wife Janine and daughters Callie and Erin, who were killed in a plane crash in 1998. Colleen is the Public Relations Manager of The Owen Hart Foundation and has teamed up Martha Hart to raise money for a much-needed van for Camp Horizon. This partnership will ensure that this goal will be achieved along with an increased awareness of the tournament.