We provide opportunities for
hard-working people who have limited resources and unlimited potential.


Owen Hart
Scholarship Fund

Close to 200 scholarships granted

Ten awards of $4,000 each are awarded each year to high school students who have a minimum average and demonstrate tremendous effort, attitude and great leadership throughout the year.

Martha Hart with Former FLHS Principal Stephanie Davis and the 1st recipient of the Owen Hart Foundation Scholarship Program.


Applicants must be graduating Grade 12 from Forest Lawn High School.

Applicants must plan to attend an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution in the following academic year.

Applicants must have at least a 70%  average.

This award recognizes students who are motivated toward improving their life through education. Preference is given to students who hold part-time employment. Applicants must provide a brief summary of their goals, family circumstances, and contributions to the school and/or community and any personal challenges they have overcome.

Martha Hart with Elizabeth Daniels who received an Owen Hart scholarship in 2010 during a CTV News interview.

For information on applying to the Forest Lawn Scholarship Fund, contact the counseling office at Forest Lawn High School:

1304 44th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2A 1M8

(403) 272-6665


Scholarship requirements & deadlines

The Owen Hart Foundation Signature Programs

Owen Hart
Home Owners Program

More than 100 homes purchased

Administered by Momentum, a community economic development organization, the Owen Hart Home Owners Program is a free program that offers people living in low-income situations the opportunity to save for a down payment for a home and helps develop increased money management skills with emphasis on home ownership issues.

How It Works

After successful completion of the Fair Gains or Family Saves one-year program, participants apply to the Owen Hart Home Owners program.

Participants deposit between $50- $200 per month for one year in a bank account, saving up to a total of $2,400. Participants attend regular workshops, peer group meetings and one-on-one consultation sessions.

After one year, savings are matched at a 4:1 ratio ($4 for every $1 saved). Using matched dollars, participants apply for a mortgage through a mortgage agent or bank of their choice.

Recipients of the Owen Hart Home Owners Program

Who Can

Applicants must have:

Successfully completed the Fair Gains or Family Saves Program.

Minimal assets and savings and do not already own a home.

Average to good credit rating.

Program Dates

Classes start in the spring and the fall. If you are interested in participating, call as soon as possible to get your name on the waiting list for the Fair Gains or Family Saves program.

For information on applying to the Owen Hart Foundation Home Owners Program, contact Momentum:

16, 2936 Radcliffe Drive SE, Calgary, AB T2A 6M8

(403) 272-9323 • fairgains@momentum.org

The Owen Hart Foundation,

through all its programs,

has exceeded $3,000,000

in gift giving and endowment contributions.